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As the percentage of modern day students are interested in joining fashion designing in some way or the other. Reaching the top rung of a fashion design career takes a lot of hard work and patience. The most well known job opportunity in the fashion world is that of designing. However there are a plethora of less known additional career openings for a fashion student. Here is an over view of these diverse prospects.

The Basic Concept of Fashion Design
Freelancing, employment in a fashion company and opening your boutique to launch your own brand of apparel collections are some of the exciting alternatives open to you as a fashion designer. Some qualified fashion designers function with upscale attire stores to design fashionable outfits. Besides selling their own label collections they also help create clothes sought after by target consumer groups of these stores. Big clothes making companies employ fashion professionals to create designer clothing for multifarious brands and cater to their different age-group markets.
If your dream is to create a unique place for yourself in the fashion world you can open your boutique and outfit the needs of individual clients. These clients are generally the affluent and highly fashion conscious section of the society. You can bring out collections each season. However founding and
selling your own brand of clothes requires loads of hard effort.

Pattern Maker
Pattern makers convert designs into patterns that can be practically incorporated in fabric. The pattern is cut out manual or automatically by computerized machines.

Textile Designer
Textile designers need to have the ability to pay attention to detail. They also require a sound aesthetic sense to spot, make and choose authentic visually attractive designs.

A stylist synchronizes the attire, accessories, hair style and make-up of fashion models so that they look alluring on the ramp. Wardrobe styling is a sub area of specialization for stylists. Most stylists are fashion design experts.

Fashion Journalist
If communication is your forte and you have a strong ardor for fashion then you can become a successful fashion journalist. The way to this career is paved by a course in mass media with specialization in fashion.

Fashion Photographer
If you are a photography fanatic who loves to snap moods and emotions and takes pleasure in making people look lovely you can go for fashion photography.

You can become a buyer by taking a standard course in merchandise management. As a buyer you decide what types of fashion apparels will be stocked in different retail stores.

Fashion Advisor
This relatively new fashion career is attaining popularity gradually. As a fashion advisor you have to provide expert advice to clients- the common people- so that they can dress fashionably and look elegant.

Fashion Design Instructor
If you have gained a few years of experience in the fashion world and enjoy teaching you can become a Fashion Design Instructor. You can then teach both the rudiments and advanced details of fashion to students.

If there is something that influences people to change the way they wear they clothes or their looks, it’s the current fashion trend. Fashion designs are the most watched trends all over the world according to specific geographies as well as internationally. Fashion designing is a very creative skill. You can either set up you own shop or you can work for a reputed fashion house.

Fashion designs in clothing fall into three different categories. Here is a look at what these are:

Haute Couture – In this form of fashion designing, the garment is designed specifically for a particular client. Materials used in making the fabric are of high quality and the finish is par excellence. Much of the work can be done by hand and it takes a lot of time to create Haute Couture garments. Though many companies propose that they make Haute Couture, only those that come out with designs meeting the standards set by the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, can actually be said to create Haute Couture.

Ready-to-Wear Designs – These fashion designs offer a good cut and finish but they are not made specifically for a particular individual. Many ready-to-wear collections are exclusive releases and therefore expensive. However, they are not as expensive as Haute Couture. The range in such wear is extensive and they make for a good buy. Important by fashion houses bring out their ready-to-wear designs twice every year.

Mass Market Designs –These designs are good but you don’t get the high style that you see with top fashion designers. Materials used are cheap and the prices of such garments are low. Fashion designers, who cater to the mass market, base their design on popular trends. They do this to make sure that their creations sell and give them profit and also to save out on the cost of making those designs which are not generally liked or worn.

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