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Calvin Klein Fashion Designer Profile

Calvin Klein was born in the Bronx, New York in 1942. His parents were Hungarian-Jewish. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, and Robert Denning are the only fashion designers which were raised in the Jewish community of New York City. Some people consider them to be some of the most successful fashion designers as

Calvin Klein attended the High School of Industrial Art, he never graduated from it. Instead, he later received an honorary doctorate degree from New York’’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Before beginning his first company with a friend, Calvin Klein worked for a manufacturer of suits and cloaks. He also worked as a designer for a variety of different New York City shops prior to the start of his company, which he began with his friend Barry Schwartz. When Calvin Klein started out, he first became well known for his jeans, which typically featured a back pocket. Advertisements for the jeans were regularly found in magazines, such as Vogue. The slightly risky ads ,which featured the sleek and sophisticated denim designs, gained Calvin Klein a lot of recognition. Calvin Klein’’s jeans quickly became some of the most popular ones in the fashion industry.

After Calvin Klein become reputable for the jeans that he designed, he moved onto underwear. What made his underwear well known was, once again, the advertisements, which were this time slightly provocative. There were many underwear models who worked for Calvin Klein who went on to become very famous. A few of these models include Mark Wahlberg and Kate Moss.

In the 1980′’s, Calvin Klein released a brand called CK. It quickly became very popular due to the fact that is so affordable. Under this brand, people can find fairly inexpensive clothing and accessories. In addition, Calvin Klein also offers a variety of home décor, including towels and bedding, children’’s clothing, hosiery, swimwear, and a variety of other items. The Calvin Klein brand is incredibly popular for all of these different products. Calvin Klein also offers a number of different best-selling fragrances for both men and women, such as Eternity, Euphoria, Obsession, and CK One. Macy’’s, Lord & Taylor, and Nordstrom are a few of the different department stores which all carry Calvin Klein. There are also many Calvin Klein outlet stores which are located in
malls and shopping plazas that, of course, sell their products.

Today, Calvin Klein lives in the Hampton’’s of Long Island, New York. From one of his previous marriages, he has a daughter named Marci, who is a talent producer for the show Saturday Night Live. He still continues to design clothing, and his jeans will always be found inside fashion magazines. Many consider Calvin Klein to be a fashion designing legend.

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