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Finding an Internship With a Fashion Magazine

Pursuing a career in the fashion industry can be highly competitive, depending on what area you are interested in. A degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising can help out with most fields. Experience is also important, however.. Doing an internship is one of the best ways to get the experience that is needed to find a great career in the fashion industry. Here are some of the things that you should know about finding an internship with a fashion magazine.

Check Out Fashion Magazine Websites
When internships are being offered, there are usually online applications available for you to fill out. Check out some of the different fashion magazine websites that you may be interested in doing your internship with. If there is an application, fill it out. Be sure to keep your options open. Applying at more than one of the fashion magazines will increase your chances of being able to do an internship.

Contact the Fashion Magazine
If no information about internships is available on the fashion magazine website, then be sure to look for contact information. An email address or telephone number is ideal. Decide which area of the magazine you are most interested in working for and contact that editor. If you really do not care which area you would like to do your internship in, contact the editor in chief. Find out if there are any available internships. Have your resume ready to send because there’’s a good chance that one will either be available, or they may want to keep your record on file. Send Your Resume to Fashion Magazines

If you do not receive a response when you contact the fashion magazine or you would like to bypass that step altogether, then you may want to send your resume to a few of the fashion magazines you”re interested in. You can do this whether or not information about internships has been provided to you. If there’’s not one available, perhaps one will open up soon enough. In either case, it’’s a great way to ensure that the fashion magazine can contact you in the future, which is significant.

Find out From the College You Attend
Most fashion magazines will provide information to colleges about any internships that they may have available. Checking out bulletins with internship opportunities or asking college advisors who may be aware of available internships is in your best interest. Keep in mind that fashion or journalism teachers may also be able to provide you with information about how to go about finding an internship with a fashion magazine.

Finding any type of internship can be very difficult. If you are interested in doing an internship with a fashion magazine, it can be even more challenging due to the fact that this is very competitive. Always remember that you will never know if you can obtain an internship with a fashion magazine until you send your resume, however.

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