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What You Should Know About Becoming a Personal Stylist?

Anyone with an eye for color and design may be interested in a career as a personal stylist. Although it may sound like nothing more than a dream job, it is a very realistic position nowadays. This career can be very rewarding if fashion is something that you truly enjoy. Before you make the decision to become a personal stylist, it’’s important to learn a little bit about this career and what it has to offer.

In order to become a personal stylist, you do not need to have a college degree. Keep in mind that having one may help you land the job, however. Some of the different areas of study that you may consider earning a college degree in include fashion design, fashion merchandising, or even business management. Experience in the realm of fashion is usually very important, especially if the job that you”re interested in is more prestigious. If you have a portfolio of any of the work that you have done in the past, this is also very beneficial, but many personal stylists make the decision to not have a portfolio at all.

Job Outlook
The job outlook for personal stylists was recently reported as very good. In large cities, you will be likely to find a job working for someone with a need for a personal stylist. Sometimes, that person may be a celebrity or it may be someone else who is very important, such as someone involved with politics. The pay range for personal stylists varies greatly, and mainly depends on who you earn the job position with. Some personal stylists may only earn $10 an hour, while others earn paychecks that may exceed well over $60 an hour. Keep in mind that this is one job where you may have to begin out at an entry-level position in order to make your way to the top.

There are a number of different qualities or skills that a personal stylist should possess. Most importantly, an eye for fashion is necessary. It’’s very important for personal stylists to keep up with the latest fashion trends. In addition to understanding all that there is to know about fashion, a personal stylist should also have very good people skills. It’’s best to have a very outgoing personality. Good listening skills are also essential when you are working as a personal stylist, since you will be taking someone else’’s needs into consideration. These are just a few of the things that you should know about becoming a personal stylist. Although it may sound like nothing more than a dream job to some people, a career in which you choose clothing
styles for someone else can be very rewarding.

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