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Fashion is a term that is being applied to almost everything – from a personal look to looks ranging from different accessories. Ever wondered what is fashion? Fashion is something that is popular in that particular period. It is a trend that becomes popular and catches up very fast and this phenomenon is called fashion. Fashion designs like Victoria sets are named because of a certain period. So when something in a particular culture or time becomes accepted, it becomes fashionable. With time fashion changes. There are themes in fashion shows where designers create their designs keeping in time the theme and culture.

When somebody succeeds in looking good and keeping up with the latest designs, he/she is considered stylish and fashionable while the other one who fails to look excellent and keep him/her self updated with the latest pattern is called a non-fashionable person.

Fashion is all about experimenting – experimenting with your clothes, your style, your accessories, your hair cuts and many other things. Accessories like silver jewellery pieces have been popular in the past and still are being liked by elegant women. So, silver is something that has always been in fashion.
Fashion has been different in different ages and materials were used accordance to popularity. Leather and furs were in vogue at one time and are again coming back into fashion. Similarly, woven fabrics and other fabrics have had their ‘fashionable” treatment at one time or the other. Purses in leather with furs are very much in fashion these days. Fashion is repeating itself yet again.

It’s not only the clothes and accessories that follow the fashion trend but cosmetics also play a part in being fashionable. The way you put your make- up on can either make you fashionable or a disaster. Cosmetics includes nail paints, lotions, kind of makeup et al. These days red nail paint is very “in” and girls who apply it are considered fashionable.

Wearing bright colors is again a fashionable thing to do this season. But make sure you use it with your accessories and team it up well with your clothes.
Dark hosiery is also very much in fashion. Stilettos are another thing that are irresistible for any fashionable girl.

If you know how to be stylish and bring together classy pieces without spending heaps of money, you know how to be fashionable. They can either be bought from different stores or on the internet.

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